Champagne Exports 2010

Champagne statistics released by CIVC place Australia 9th on the export list for 2010 – at 3,687,140 bottles(25.8% up on 2009). This year we managed to get off tenth place thanks to the Netherlands who had a 9.5% drop in numbers. Most markets saw big increases over 2009.

1. UK 35,488,401 16.3%
2. US 16,934,242 34.9%
3 Germany 8,806,008 21.6%
4 Belgium 8,806,008 7.8%
5 Japan 7,464,935 45.4%
6 Italy 7,183,113 5.6%
7 Switzerland 5,442,295 12.3%
8 Spain 3,698,307 23.8%
9 Australia 3,687,140 24.8%

Cafe Vue at Heidi

Today we had lunch at Cafe Vue Heidi. It is an interesting concept. For entree – we both had the mushroom risotto, an then the Pork cheek with radishes and Baby Snapper Meuniere for mains. Food was excellent. Service was slow and sloppy. A wine poured by the glass missed its mark and went over the table. Some of the wait staff were a little sloppily dressed with grubby shoes. The abbreviated wine list is very poor with quite a bizarre range of unfashionable wines by the glass. Champagne range was very weak indeed. I simply cannot understand how such well managed and well cooked food is allowed to be let down by poor service and a crap winelist. C’est la vie.