Dirty Three ‘Holgates Road’ 2013 Pinot Noir

The colour here is a delightfull cherry rhubarb, thick and viscous with some nice legs. Aromas run to the riper raspberry plum end of the spectrum. Spicy but a little confectionery in overall aromas. The palate carries thru with similar characteristics. 2013 was a warmer vintage with early drinking styles being more common place.  Ripe and sweet and a little simple and jammy for my taste. I watched this wine evolve over a few days. Too sweet and too ripe for me. $45. 88/100

Dirty Three Pinot Noir 2012-240x360

Bollinger R.D. 2002

There has been much hype about the RD 2002 Bollinger – some good and some not so good. Sure it is a nicely rounded Champagne – some red fruits etc. etc.  For me it is a little short on the palate and lacks the complexity that I hoped for. And at $400 a bottle I expected a lot more.   88/100.


Attwoods Wines Old Hog 2012 Pinot Noir Geelong

Beautiful color and viscosity in the glass. Aromas of dark cherries, forest, and herbs and spices.  I get weird red capsicum herbaceous aromas which carry on to the palate. Palate is large scaled, dense and thick with smoky spice and heavy red fruits.  Stylistically this is a very interesting Pinot, but the herbaceous character is strange. The Chatto Pinot had similar aromas, maybe unripe whole bunch, unripe stems, proximity to trees or some other weird contamination is causing this. Shame – this would receive 5 extra points if not for this. 89/100.