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Garage Espresso – 126A Chapel Street St Kilda.

Funky modern fit out – funky light fittings – yes we know the formula well. Good looking menu – with a few interesting variations on a theme. The menu on their website is a little out of date – prices have risen for most items. Coffee was OK. First flat white was a little hard and bitter – second was less bitter – but  still a little unconvincing.  Do I have to have three coffees to get ONE great one! ? Why should there be variation between coffees has got me confused. They should all be ‘in the zone’ and consistent. My Bircher muesli was excellent.  Food is a six star rating, coffee takes the overall rating down to five stars. Maybe worth a revisit.

Industry Beans Cafe Fitzroy

Quaint retro-new  warehouse tucked away in back street of Fitzroy. Service and quality of food is excellent. Menu range is diverse and there would be something for everyone. All is great until we get to the coffee. In a city with such a huge choice in coffee – Industry Beans is just not up to the mark. The flavours  are a little dilute, the palate is a little short on the finish, I don’t get the intensity and precise coffee flavours that we see with the competition. Dont get me wrong – the coffee is very very good – but I expected more. So for food and service I give 6/6 stars, coffee drags this down to 5/6 stars. Shame.

Les Aromes de la Chancellerie – Beaune

A great coffee roaster in Rue Poterne – right in the heart of Beaune – France.  We were staying in a quaint apartment opposite and could see the neon sign from our balcony.  This coffee roaster is run by grandfather and grand-daughter. Great beans and you can smell when they roast them from miles away. They grind the beans to your requirements and can assist to offer the best flavour profile. Not to be missed.

Le Benaton – Beaune

Another great meal at Le Benaton – Beaune – France – worthy of its 1 Michelin star easy. Service, presentation, wine list are all exemplary quality – this restaurant just keeps getting better and better. A few years ago the wine list was below average – but the sommelier has turned it around very quickly – a great range of wines and very fair prices. Mostly Burgundy of course.

The Olive Pit Delicatessan – Ocean Grove

Funky Cafe at 73 The Terrace Ocean Grove. Coffee was excellent and worth searching out – they use Italian imported ‘Tosteria Del Corso’ – smooth and creamy style – also they asked if we would like a double shot ( of course we do – most Melbournite Coffee freaks are used to the double shot richness and intensity). Muesli was a delight, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon bagel, egg and bacon toastie were all a delight and excellent quality. They use Istra smallgoods ( which means they are not skimping on quality). Recommended. Five star rating (which is pretty good !!! ).