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Wine notes

Oakridge Over the Shoulder 2012 Pinot Noir

2012 Pinot Noir in the Yarra Valley promises a lot. And certainly the back label on this wine gives one great optimism as to its contents. The aromas are quite hard and extracted violets, leading to a hard extracted slightly bitter palate. I was hoping for some voluptuous elegance – bad sadly no. A very forced style of Pinot – dark in color – lacking red fruits and purity – more on the extracted gamay side. Some people will like this – but this lacks the elegance in Pinot Noir that I am looking for. Over a few days this didn’t really improve. Strange.  85/100. One big retail chain rates this at 94 points. Maybe a little optimistic!


Mayer 2012 Close Planted Pinot Noir

Timo Mayer is the winemaker at Gembrook Hill and has his own vineyard 8km south of Healesville. I have previously been impressed with his ‘Bloody Hill’ Pinot – but this Close planted is a different beast. First thing that you notice is the texture and viscosity as you swirl the wine in the glass. The legs are long and persistent. The aromas are classically Burgundian – red fruits, forest floor, asian spices, subtle oak – it is all there – in perfect balance. The palate reflects the nose, there are some nice mineral and spice overtones, berry and cherry. The balance is perfect – the length on the palate is phenomenal – so much  texture and weight. There are no plums or prunes in this wine. Think maybe a Gevrey or Morey-St-Denis. The finish is long and precise. One of the best aussie Pinot Noirs ever. In the top five in Australia easy. Is it a keeper?  Maybe not – it drinks very well now. Alcohol 13%.  96/100mayer-close

Provenance 2010 Golden Plains Pinot Noir

What a delightful Pinot! Color is cherry red with medium intensity. Nose reveals lovely red fruits,  sour cherries, hints of forest, slightly gamey – not over extracted or heavy. Palate is in nice balance, with a soft lingering finish  revealing all that the nose promised- hint of strawberry and spice. It is a joy to taste a wine which is not over-ripe, not over-worked and not over-extracted. Is this wine worth cellaring? Why bother – drink it and enjoy the length and richness. This is a non ‘P’ wine, No plums and No prunes. Inspirational stuff! 13.3% alcohol. Vineyards are 70km west of Melbourne.

Lavinia – Paris


Lavinia is one of the great wine shops in Paris. A great range and all stored in perfect conditions. The BIG plus is that you can drink any wine in the shop in their Cafe for lunch at bottleshop price.  What a bargain. Food and service in the cafe is excellent and it is always full – so you need to book.

Champagne Exports 2010

Champagne statistics released by CIVC place Australia 9th on the export list for 2010 – at 3,687,140 bottles(25.8% up on 2009). This year we managed to get off tenth place thanks to the Netherlands who had a 9.5% drop in numbers. Most markets saw big increases over 2009.

1. UK 35,488,401 16.3%
2. US 16,934,242 34.9%
3 Germany 8,806,008 21.6%
4 Belgium 8,806,008 7.8%
5 Japan 7,464,935 45.4%
6 Italy 7,183,113 5.6%
7 Switzerland 5,442,295 12.3%
8 Spain 3,698,307 23.8%
9 Australia 3,687,140 24.8%